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Importance of certification

A MedCA certification will show a prospective employer that an individual is a dedicated healthcare professional and is proficient in their field. In today's economy, employers are looking for unique healthcare professionals to fill their positions. Our certification will give you the credentials to excel above the rest in your field.

Passing a MedCA certification enters you into a very exclusive membership of highly distinctive professionals in your field. Did you know that in some states these certifications are required? Many hospitals and private practices also require certification.

Think about it. employers want to know what makes you stand out above the rest. They want to hire someone who has that extra something that will attract them in the interview process. A MedCA certification will give you that extra credential and show the employer that you have something more prestigious to offer than the rest. Our agency is dedicated to making sure that our certification gives you the necessary qualifications to excel.

Another reason why a MedCA certification is important: supervisors want to make sure that management within an organization is hiring employees that can meet healthcare standards.

With a MedCA certification, management can provide their supervisors with documentation as to your credentials and achievements.

Annual reports of the total number of candidates examined, pass/fail statistics, and the number of individuals currently certified are available to the public upon request.